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Roar Brave and Strong

© Hazel Reeves 2011

Hazel Reeves

Hazel wrote the Roar books

to enable herself and her family to

focus on the talents of her youngest

daughter, who has autism. She believes

there is a need to keep ‘turning on

its head’ the challenge of living with

autism so that we can celebrate this

unique way of thinking.

Lorna d’Entremont interviews Hazel

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Jay Morris
Hello Roar, Come on Roar, Roar’s Creating
Jay’s love of all things creative
is expressed not only through her
detailed illustrations, but also in craft
work, which she shares with her four
children, local schools, workshops and
exhibitions. When not being creative Jay works as a vet.
Dave McTaggart
Roar’s in Shorts, Roar’s Strumming, Roar’s About
Dave is a bit of a dinosaur himself! He loves creating pictures for children, and is very proud and extremely excited to be involved in a project that connects with children who see the world through autistic eyes. Dave lives in London with his trusty sketchpad and pencil case.