Roar Brave and Strong

© Hazel Reeves 2011

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My 7 year old son enjoyed reading this! He took it to school to share it with his friends. Asked what they thought, he said one friend laughed out loud from one page to the next!
Roar is engaging and oozes positive characteristics. Brave, strong, fun, sings, inventive, inquisitive to name a few. I read it thinking, 'yes, I would like my children to learn from Roar!' This is suitable for all children, not just those with autism.

It's brilliant how there's a tiny picture on the left page for kids to look for in the main page. Both pages have rhyming verses that compliments the other. The attention to detail in the illustrations is a joy! An enjoyable read and a giggle too!

What parents/carers have said about Roar