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Roar Brave and Strong

© Hazel Reeves 2011


Dowson Primary School

The books are a nice size, easy for children to handle. They are presented in an attractive way. The illustrations are easy to look at but are also quite involved and would support conversations with a child about what they can see. I particularly like the small illustrations on the left hand page that are a small cameo from the main illustration; novelties like this are a helpful way to lead the reader into the main picture. I feel the books work on 2 levels they are a simple read using repetitive and rhyming words but can be read again at a different level. The books are very good at introducing speech marks and the idea of changing text into speech is an interesting one. The themes in the books lend themselves to being extended and developed in the classroom.

The emphasis on Roar being different, unique and special is very helpful for the teacher especially for a class which has a child with quite different needs. The books are gentle but fun and deal with some quite difficult concepts for children to grasp. The books would be ideal to use with a child lacking in confidence or feeling “different” to other children. The books would also be very useful for a Learning Mentor to use when working with a small group of children to help to support a child who might be struggling with managing their behaviour in a classroom situation.


Teaching Assistant

As a Teaching Assistant, I have shared this book with children in the Foundation Stage as well as older children in the primary school. 'Hello Roar, Little Dinosaur' is loved by all ages - including me! Younger children are captivated by the beautiful illustrations, which promotes communication as they talk about what Roar is doing. Older children are very taken with the rhyming text as Roar sings her way through the book. A lovely addition to each double page spread is the illustration of a small item or section, which is to be found on the main picture opposite. Children enjoy the involvement of looking for particular things in the main picture. Roar is often doing something that the children do too, which promotes good discussion. 'Hello Roar, Little Dinosaur' is an excellent book to share with all children, including those who have autism or emotional difficulties.

James Siddle

Head Teacher, Withern Primary School

Truly fresh and original – we’ve loved these books in our school. Both Roar’s character and the things she does are endearing to children and adults alike. With its compelling songs, rhymes and illustrations, each page is a source of delight and discussion. These are stories you don’t want to end.

Sharon White

Denton West End School

Positive -children liked the illustrations and the humour in the books. They liked the rhyme. It appeals to younger and older children. There was plenty of opportunity for discussion around the illustrations. The children liked the fact that there wasn’t a great deal of text on the page and found it motivating to read. The children liked the cliff-hanger of ‘what next’ and this motivated them to read more.

Innovative -the idea that a character can do things in their own way without being shouted at appealed to the children and this generated discussion. The use of an imaginary character also appealed to some children as it removed the situations from real life but links could be made.

Impact -the book could be used in small groups for social stories and friendship groups.

Conclusion -the books are appealing to children and are different to what we have in school already.

Sue Belton

Head Teacher and SENCo, Willoughby

Wow - what an amazing set of books. The intriguing text and detailed illustrations will serve as an excellent vehicle for cross-curricular discussion with all ages. I love Roar and can see her in many of our children!

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